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Now is not the time to go around smiling and making friends.””

Chihiro Fukawa Togami Sakura Asahina Mondo Ishimaru Hagakure Naegi Celestia Junko Kirigiri Leon Maizono Yamada 


im so happy

Meanwhile Chihiro gives no fucks

Dangan Ronpa

Ishimaru: Myself


Photographer: Marni  



Dangan Ronpa

Ishimaru: Myself

Leon: Marni (I’m not sure who took the actual picture?? April maybe?)

(Meanwhile we have Yamada and Asahina—I dont have Celes or Our Sakura’s tumblrs.)


All of my Wicked art in one post.

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Studio Killers
All Men Are Pigs
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um so lemme get this straight…tiana starts her own business in a time where black women had next to no rights….mulan pretty much saves china and becomes a top ranking military official….but the annoying sister in frozen makes a throwaway line about being gassy and gets lauded as the the first feminist princess??

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Trying to get on her level.

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